Visit Georgian Regency Era with Book Five of the Duke Series

August, 2017

Allow SANDRA MASTERS to transport you to the Georgian Regency era with her new Book Five of the Duke Series, ONE NIGHT WITH A DUKE. Sometimes, in the middle of ordinary life, LOVE gives us a fairy tale. Sandra Masters is an unapologetic story teller. She used to read fairy tales, and now she writes them. Amazon US Amazon UK The Wild Rose Press

Author’s Notes:

In 2015, I contracted my first novel, Once Upon a Duke, Book One of the Duke Series with The Wild Rose Press, which started my journey with the series. But the characters in ONE NIGHT WITH A DUKE, Raven, Duke of Ravensmere and Lady Samantha Winston, haunted my writing life. With Book Five in this series, ONE NIGHT WITH A DUKE was accepted, and my lifelong dream of publishing this story became a reality. What did it take? Cutting the too-long epic by 57,000 words was a prodigious task. I worked like a dervish, so my Raven and Samantha could see the light of a publishing day. I gave them cameo appearances in each of my books so I wouldn’t forget that they begged to earn a place in the series. Seven years later, they made their long awaited debut Now, I’m happy to say that ONE NIGHT WITH A DUKE had an official release date of June 21, 2017.

When a high-spirited beauty disrupts the world of a duke who follows the rules, sparks fly, and passion ignites. The gossamer thread of sensuality and sexuality weaves through the tapestry of this novel. About the Author From a humble beginning in Newark, New Jersey, a short stay at a convent in Morristown, N.J. at the age of fourteen, Sandra Masters retired from a fantastic career for a play broadcasting company in Carlsbad, California, and settled in the rural foothills of the Sierras of Yosemite National Park with her husband, Ron, and their dog, Sophie. Sandra traded in the Board Rooms of NYC for the Ballrooms of the Regency Era and never looked back.

She wrote her first book at the age of thirteen and since then,it’s been the journey of ten thousand miles with a few steps left to go. She deemed it a pleasure to leave the corporate world behind decades later.

Nothing she expected, but everything she desired.

Her business card lists her occupation as Living The Dream.

"Once in a lifetime

In the middle of ordinary life

LOVE gives us a FAIRY TALE."

Once Upon A Duke

My Divinely Decadent Duke

Thorn, Son of a Duke

The Duke's Magnificent Bastard

One Night With A Duke

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Hope you enjoy my work for it is my passion and obsession. Have a great day.

Sandra Masters, unapologetic story teller.

Copyright © 2017 Sandra Masters, Author, All rights reserved.

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