Release Day for Blue-Eyed Black-Hearted Duke

Release Day, November 5, 2018 for

The Blue-Eyed Black-Hearted Duke

It’s release day for The Blue-Eyed Black-Hearted Duke. I am a storyteller with more yesterdays than tomorrows and have known many things…content to look through the lens of make-believe to bring spicy (not-erotic) Historical Regency Romance into your life. Intertwined in all of my novels are moral lessons of life.

My Book Six, The Blue-Eyed Black-Hearted Duke represents a departure from previous stories. It contains the historical research necessary for the era and the love story but includes a fantasy element with good supernatural creatures that inhabit a stained glass window to protect the hero. I named the wolf, Red, and the archangel wielding a sword bolt of lightning, Golden Boy. The novel is available for pre-order now and releases officially on November 5th.

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Unique about

my book:

A third of the way into the first draft, I woke up in the middle of the night and had a dream about a red wolf walking alongside a very handsome man of about thirty-six years. Immediately, I went to the Book of Names and searched for meaning. I found the Saxon name, Radolf, a Christian name that signified a red wolf and added to it. He became Radolf Wolferton, Duke of Wolferton, his title.

Constantinople Harbor

EXCERPT: Chapter One:

His own worst enemy, he opened the desk drawer, took out the locket, and flipped it open. A winsome girl with dark hair and beguiling violet eyes peered at him.

An earthen container of black roses he cultivated resided on the left side of his desk. Imported from Halfeti, Turkey, they were his pride and joy. Somehow, he knew Miss Jaclyn Moreux, his ward, would be the white rose to change his future. Now he was to endure the supreme test. The devil had sent him a saint to torment him.

Kisses, slippery, dazzling the senses, forbidden, but desirable in its implication, spiraled higher and higher into a mad vortex of lust, pure, and—simple. A sin so delightful it spun around to make one unable to resist, to give everything for her touch—the infinite pleasure. She moved her mouth closer until there was no space left to hide—only to join in a kiss of blissful ecstasy.

This story was a challenge to write. I started with visions in my head, and the characters spoke to me. Radolf immediately became the hero with the most to lose. Jaclyn’s saintly virtue tempted though he tried to resist her obvious charm. He gave in to his heart’s yearning to win her love.

Travels through Turkey as a soldier had him spending ten years in a country whose culture and customs he admired. A gypsy fortune-teller read his Tarot Cards and explained Numerology to him. Amazed at the clarity, he could not question the facts of his past.

How do you tempt a sinner?—

Offer him a saint!

Hope you enjoy this novel as much as I enjoyed the writing. My problem is I fall in love with my characters.

The release date is November 5, 2018 for this Regency Fantasy Romance, is available for pre-order for a limited time at: Buy Link HERE

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