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The Duke Series by Amazon Best-Selling Regency Author, Sandra Masters

Once in a while, in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a Fairy Tale.

My first intent as the author was to write a traditional spicy Regency romance. A third of the way into the first draft, I woke up in the middle of the night and had a dream about a red wolf walking alongside a very handsome man of thirty-six years. Immediately, I went to the Book of Names and searched for a meaning. I found the Saxon name, Radolf, a Christian name that signified a red wolf and added to it. He became Radolf Wolferton, Fourteenth Duke of Wolferton, his title.

Unique or Interesting things about my book:

I’d never written fantasy paranormal, and the thought occurred to me to depart from my normal genre into a whole new world of spicy Regency fantasy.

Fully awake, I rewrote the Prologue and First chapters to include this aspect of the trope, and like this, The Blue-Eyed Black-Hearted Duke was born.

Aside from the hero and his eighteen-year-old stunning ward, allow me to introduce you to the supernatural powers who speak through the stained-glass portrait.

The golden archangel warrior with massive white-tinged wings wields a mighty sword. The face of the archangel holds a fearless, stern expression as he gazes into the distance at a vanquished enemy.

The red wolf protects the duke and his lady love.

The prologue unfolds the myth of the supernatural creatures since the subsequent Wolferton clans believed only one worthy, honorable duke and his true love would be able to invoke the supernatural powers to grant a special request, but the guardians would forever protect the family.


Jaclyn’s anxious heart would remember his kisses for a lifetime. With only lips and a swift tongue, Radolf claimed her as his, but she knew one kiss or two could never be enough.

In this short interlude, he gave her the opportunity to feel—taste—touch, for one moment or many, and all she could think about was the unbearable desire to have more of his mouth, his lips, and his wicked, wicked, wicked marvelous tongue.

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EXCERPT: Chapter One:

His own worst enemy, he opened the desk drawer, took out the locket, and flipped it open. A winsome girl with dark hair and beguiling violet eyes peered at him.

An earthen container of black roses he cultivated resided on the left side of his desk. Imported from Halfeti, Turkey, they were his pride and joy. Somehow, he knew Miss Jaclyn Moreux, his ward, would be the white rose to change his future.

Now he was to endure the supreme test. The devil had sent him a saint to torment him.

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One Fact About the Author:

I have written stories since the age of thirteen. Throughout my life the writing was no longer a hobby, nor a career. It became an obsession, and I’ve written ever since in full mode.

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